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Careers at TBM Building Services

We offer full-time and part-time positions in Terre Haute and Clinton Indiana and Paris and Robinson Illinois.
Team members must be drug-free and have a clean background. Some positions require a valid driver’s license and insurance certificate.

Janitorial Cleaner – Requirements include repetitive lifting up to 30 pounds, transporting trash, dusting and wiping surfaces, sweeping or mopping floors, vacuuming, bending and extending repetitively, chemical usage and knowledge, supply ordering, good time management, work safely and willingness to please the customer.
Window Cleaner – Requirements include maintaining a valid driver’s license and insurance certificate, excessive hand, arm, shoulder and wrist movements, lifting over 50 pounds repetitively, climbing up to 40 feet on ladders, chemical usage and knowledge, follow written instructions, good time management, complete money transactions, work safely and willingness to please the customer.
Floor Maintenance Cleaner - Requirements include maintaining a valid driver’s license and insurance certificate, excessive physical demands like repetitive arm, back, shoulder, hip and leg movements, lifting up to 90 pounds, move furniture, operate floor scrubbing or buffing machines and carpet extractors, chemical usage and knowledge, follow written instructions, work safely and willingness to please customer.
We offer paid holidays and vacations. We supply uniforms, all safety gear and all supplies and equipment to perform your job. Contact TBM Building Services.

Application for Employment

Military Service Record



Personal References

This form has been designed to strictly comply with State and Federal Fair Employment Practice laws prohibiting employment discrimination. TBM is an Equal Opportunity Employer. The Age Discrimination Act of 1987 prohibits discrimination on the basis of age with respect to individuals who are at least 40 years of age.
Please read these statements before signing, as your signature will indicate that you fully understand the statements and agree
to be bound by their terms:

Information from third parties: I authorize C.T. Enterprises, Inc. to request and receive responses and information which may be obtained from sources that may include friends, neighbors, personal acquaintances, schools, credit reporting agencies, medical
practitioners, law enforcement authorities, and government agencies. I authorize any such parties to furnish C. T. Enterprises, Inc.with responses and information concerning me and I hereby release C. T. Enterprises, Inc. from any and all liability and responsibility
arising from the release, requests, receipt, or use of such responses and information.

Truthfulness of information furnished: I certify that the information which I have furnished on this application is true and correct,
and I understand that any misrepresentation or omission will be sufficient cause for my not being employed or for dismissal if employed. I understand that employment is subject to satisfactory law enforcement and employment records.

Employment at will of C. T. Enterprises, Inc.: I understand that if employed, my employment will be at the will of the parties, in other words, there is no employment contract, expressed or implied, and my employment may be terminated at any time at the will of C.T. Enterprises, Inc. or myself.

Workplace investigations: I understand that if employed, C. T. Enterprises, Inc. has the right in connection with workplace investigations to search lockers, desks, automobiles, trucks or items brought to C.T. Enterprises, Inc. premises and I consent and agree
to any such searches and further agree to cooperate in any workforce investigations by C. T. Enterprises, Inc.

C.T. Enterprises, Inc. changes: I understand that if employed, C.T. Enterprises, Inc. retains the right to change, add modify,
eliminate or otherwise revise its benefits, rules or policies at any time in its sole discretion.
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